3 Ways A Senior Day Program Keeps Your Family Member’s Brain Healthy

September 16, 2016

It’s important to continue to exercise the mind every day, especially as one ages. Your family member may not get the mental stimulation they used to. With fewer friends to have conversations with, lowered ability to travel to do activities and less direct interaction with people, the brain starts to lose some of its abilities.

At Arise Cares, our senior day program keeps your family member active and using their brain every day. Our goal is to encourage the health of the whole person, mind, body and soul. Here are a few ways we work towards the goal of healthy brains for our seniors.

1. Hobbies

elderly couple on park swings holding handsWe have plenty of activities here for your family member to participate in. From board games to cards, puzzles to crafts and bingo as well, we keep their brain stimulated and moving.

Hobbies are important, both because of the mental capacity they take to do, as well as the passion involved in doing an activity you love and want to continue doing.

2. Field Trips

Besides games and hobbies, we also take occasional field trips to tons of fun places. Locations might be as simple as a trip to the park or a garage sale, to a longer trip to a museum, apple orchard or the mall.

It’s important for your family member to be outside, move around and experience a new environment. Hearing different sounds, seeing different sights and smelling different scents will both stimulate the brain with new experiences, while helping old memories come back even more vividly.

3. Exercise

Exercising the body is important to brain health as well. We take time every day for exercise, and have the training to adjust exercises to each person’s ability.

Every motion is controlled by the brain, so training the body to perform certain motions it’s not used to helps the brain re-activate pathways it may not have used in a long time. For the brain, exercise is invaluable to its continued health.

If mental stimulation could benefit your family member, contact us and we’d be happy to set up a visit for you at our senior day program in Sartell.