Why PCA Choice?

The PCA Choice Program gives you control as you hire and train your own PCAs.This gives you the ability to hire PCAs that fit your schedule and your values.

Under the PCA Choice Option

  • Finding, hiring/firing and training of PCA staff
  • Billing for PCA and Qualified Professional services

You are responsible for

  • Finding and hiring a Qualified Professional*
  • Scheduling, supervising, monitoring and evaluating PCA staff
  • Maintaining documentation of the PCA’s tasks and actions
  • Completing required forms for enrollment and maintaining required annual forms

Arise Home Health Care, as your fiscal intermediary, is responsible for

  • Paying and withholding taxes for PCA staff and the Qualified Professional
  • Maintaining the required liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation for PCAs and your Qualified Professional

* Arise Home Health Care has Qualified Professionals available.
You may also hire your own Qualified Professional.

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