Arise Care’s Senior Day Program: Our New Location!

Describe the process of designing the new location. Why is it laid out and decorated the way it is?

We know that families face obstacles/resistance when bringing their loved one to a program like this, so we wanted to make the space as homey and comfortable as possible. The space had to be inviting and warm for people to get past their initial fears. We try to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and ask the question, ”Would I bring my loved one here?” If we answer yes, then we know we are on the right track.

We feel we are on the right track!! We have a space with lots of natural light to sit and watch the outdoors, a separate larger space for activities, exercise and meals, and a nice quiet, cozy space relax.


What is the mission of the Senior Day Program?

Our mission is to provide peace of mind when life is hard! We know that many families face health challenges and difficulties as they age making it difficult to remain at home. Our goal is to help them stay at home for as long as possible. Our day program is just one more way for families to achieve this. It gives the family caregiver some much needed respite, but also offers the care recipient; socialization, activities, meals, and care when they are with us. If the family caregiver can stay healthy and have an opportunity to re-charge that leads to good outcomes. Our day program can assist that family caregiver by providing care while they recharge.


What are the benefits of the new location?

One primary benefit of our new location is that we have all of our resources in one location. Nursing staff, management staff and caregivers are all right here! Location and easy access make a difference in the decision process for families. The close proximity of many residential neighborhoods, medical resources (such as St. Cloud Medical Group – South Campus), the fast growing education corridor on 33rd Street South, and the easy access to some of the largest employers in St. Cloud make it easier for families to choose us for the care of their loved one. Often, the primary caregiver is an adult child still in the workforce. They are in need of support for their loved one so they can continue to work. Our location can be helpful for those in this situation.


What do you hope your clients and their families will gain from utilizing the services of the Senior Day Program?

We all hope that our client families gain peace of mind by using our services. That’s a BIG hope, yet we truly believe that we can do that for families. We have witnessed our clients put off moving to a facility for months or years by using our services. They can achieve some stability, especially when facing health decline, isolation in aging, dementia, or caregiver burnout.


What should people expect at the open house?

Our Senior Day Program Open House is taking place August 29th from 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM at our new location: 2907 Clearwater Road in St. Cloud.

At our Open House, visitors can expect a full tour of our facility. They will see the activities their loved one will participate in, they can visit with our staff, learn about our services, and enjoy light refreshments. We are very excited to meet with families. If you can’t make it to our open house, please call (320) 281-2306 or contact Sue Christensen to schedule a tour.