A trusted resource in a complex system

We know finding quality in-home care is deeply personal. It involves loved ones who may be struggling with feelings of vulnerability and a loss of pride. We also know how complicated navigating the system can be. We understand because we’ve walked in your shoes and know what a difference quality care can make.


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Founded by people who’ve lived it

Jay Vachal and Melody Vachal have special insight into caregiving. When their son, Isaac, developed disabilities that required in-home care, they realized how difficult it was finding and keeping consistent, high-quality care. Determined to provide a better option for their son and others, Jay founded Arise Cares in 2000.

In 2016, Melody found herself on the other side of the care model when a car accident left her temporarily paralyzed and with a host of medical issues. Melody eventually regained her independence, but the experience gave her a new perspective on the challenges of caregiving.

Now, as Director of Aging Services, Melody draws on her unique insight to provide the best services and support for our clients and their caregivers.

Arise Cares:

  • Works with you one-on-one to create a care plan that’s right for you
  • Offers flexible scheduling and low minimums that allow you to start slowly and increase your care as needed
  • Matches you with well-trained, compassionate caregivers who’ll feel like family
  • Helps you navigate insurance, Medicare, hospice, the VA network, or other complexities surrounding your care
  • Recruits and retains the best paid, trained and prepared caregivers in the state
  • Provides resources and support for family caregivers


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