Jay Vachal, Founder and CEO

Phone: 320-281-2300
Email: jay.vachal@arisecares.com
Fax: 320-281-2313


Melody Vachal, Director of Aging Services

Phone: 320-281-2301
Email: melody.vachal@arisecares.com


Lisa Thielman, Director of Administration

Phone: 320-281-2302
Email: lisa.thielman@arisecares.com
Fax: 320-281-2310


Heather Schmitz Ott, Director of Caregiving

Phone: 320-281-2305
Email: heather.schmitz@arisecares.com
Fax: 320-281-2315


Jessica Holmgren, Care Coordinator – PCA Choice, Twin Cities

Phone: 320-281-2305
Email: jessica.holmgren@arisecares.com


Carolyn Schmitz, Care Coordinator, Twin Cities

Phone: 612-353-3944
Email: carolyn.schmitz@arisecares.com


Holly Nihart-Frye, Care Coordinator, St Cloud

Phone: 320-281-2308
Email: holly.nihart-frye@arisecares.com

Our Core Values

Empathetic – We are caregivers by nature and by profession.  It comes natural to us to empathize and relate to others.  Our compassion is genuine, and we are people comfortable in our own skin.  Holding ourselves to the highest professional standards is something we do willingly because it is in our nature to want the best for our clients and co-workers.

Adaptable – We believe clients and their loved ones should drive how, when, where and by whom care is provided. We celebrate the difference with each human’s condition by being flexible and adaptable. We understand and accept that change is inevitable.

Collaborative – We believe communication is a two-way process. We are open, honest, and have candor in our conversations. We understand that everything gets done better when we work together. We solve problems through collaboration.

Effective – We believe in creating, measuring, and achieving the objectives of the client, the caregivers and company.  We believe in meeting or exceeding those objectives and therefore understand measuring is essential.  We level with our clients, readily sharing pros, cons, and options.  We always look for meaningful, effective ways to create a better client experience even if that experience cannot be accessed through Arise Cares.  We also understand that a work/life/wellness balance is critical to being effective.

Our Core Focus

Our Purpose – Peace of mind when life is hard by being a resource for those needing care, providing career advancement and a support system for professional caregivers.
Our Niche – Carefully matching caregivers with those needing care.

Our Promise

If you are ever dissatisfied or unhappy for any reason, you are invited to contact our owner/founder/CEO, Jay Vachal. 24 hour response. 320-493-4413 or jay.vachal@arisecares.com