Support for overwhelmed caregivers.

We know how taxing caregiving can be because we’ve lived it and we see the toll it can take on the family members and friends of people needing care.  So, we offer resources to help caregivers stay informed and get the vital self-care they need so they can give the best of themselves to their loved ones.


See the common signs that your loved one needs home care.


Free, in-home consultations

Not sure if in-home care is right for you? Our free in-home consultation can answer your questions and walk you through the process. We also take time to focus on the caregiver, making sure they’re taking the steps they need to manage their self-care.

Ongoing phone support

If you have questions or concerns about in-home care—or if you’re struggling with the challenges of being a caregiver—we’re just a phone call away to offer support and answers.

Caregiver educational events

Arise Cares offers educational events onsite, in the community and via online webinars that offer information and support for caregivers. The educational events are hosted by our Director of Aging Services, Melody Vachal, who’s a leading expert on caregiving.

One-on-one caregiver coaching

For more in-depth support, Melody offers one-on-one coaching services that help caregivers develop the skills needed to better care for themselves and others.

Melody Vachal

More about Melody

Melody Vachal is a veteran caregiver who understands the emotional and practical details of caregiving. Melody founded RISE UP Care and Wellness, an organization that provides training, coaching, and support to both professional and family caregivers. After working as a trained Speech Language Pathologist for over 30 years in pediatric therapy, Melody brings her sought-after experience and knowledge to Arise Cares as Director of Aging Services.

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