Looking for a flexible schedule and a competitive wage?

We know that quality care takes quality caregivers. So, we’re committed to making our caregivers the best paid, trained and prepared in the state. All of our executive directors have been caregivers themselves, so we understand the challenges our employees and clients face, and we approach every decision with a focus on creating an environment that’s conducive to providing the best care possible.

  • We work with all schedules, taking your availability and matching it to our clients’ schedules.
  • We match your passion, interests, and experience with our clients’ needs.
  • Our wages are competitive, with opportunity for growth.
  • We’re a great opportunity for someone looking for a meaningful job that makes a difference.
  • We provide relevant, hands-on experience for students going into Nursing, Special Ed, Community Psychology, Social Work, or and Human Services field.
  • Our caregiver opportunities include in-home care for kids and adults with special needs and in-home care for the elderly.
  • We’re locally and privately owned and we’re passionate about care giving!

Open Positions

Care Coordinator

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“I have worked for a few other companies in the past. Arise definitely stuck out to me because, when I came here, I instantly felt this personal connection. And I could tell everything about the company was very personal and very down to earth…very real. You could tell that the company cares so much about the clients and the employees. They really practice what they preach. It’s really beautiful. You see positive changes happen with the client and it changes you, too! It’s a really amazing experience.”
– Alyssa

“I like working with Arise. They’re a very personable company. They’re very one-on- one, not only with their clients but also with their caregivers. I recommend Arise to anyone who’s looking for a job that they can make their own.”
– Sandra

“If people have caring in their heart to begin with and they love taking care of people and they just want to make a difference in people’s lives, this is a wonderful place to do it. The schedules are fairly flexible and we have a lot of really good clients.”
– Lisa