Arise Care’s Founder Story: An Interview with Jay Vachal



I founded Arise in 2000 after my own personal experience with home care services, Our son required home health care due to his disabilities, but we were disappointed in the level of care offered by home care agencies in the area at the time. The services didn’t meet our needs and there were frequent changes in personnel. We wanted to do better, not only for our son but for all the families struggling with the same issues. Living it firsthand gives us a unique perspective and a deeper level of empathy for our clients.

We believe you or your loved one should drive the decisions regarding how, when, where, and by whom care is provided. We can help you make these important decisions and ensure your loved one the dignity and compassionate care they deserve.

– Jay Vachal

Arise Home Health Care is locally owned, operated, and founded by Jay Vachal. To get a better idea of the background that motivated Jay to start Arise Cares, we asked him a few questions about the company and his ambitions:


  1. What inspired you to start Arise Cares versus looking for other service providers?

Service……or I should say “the lack thereof” service. The providers available in our area at the time [my son] Isaac started receiving home care services had very little empathy for what our life was like. Instead of focusing on the customer experience, those providers acted as if they were “good Samaritans” for taking us in. Getting to know Isaac and our family was not a priority. Communicating effectively with our family was not a priority. Getting a “warm body” to our home for 50% of the scheduled shifts was “good enough”. People like Isaac and the families that support them are, in many ways, under siege and my thinking at the time, and to this day, are they deserve better than “good enough”.


  1. What advice do you have for families that know they need help, but have a hard time finding the help they truly need?

Try to connect with as many people as possible going through circumstances similar to your own. Ask those people for recommendations. There is no substitute for firsthand experience but make sure you ask at least two people. It is best to have a balanced sampling of experiences as you discern what is best for you.


  1. What is most rewarding about helping a family that needs caregiving assistance?

When effectively executed, our services bring peace of mind to the client and their family. That peace of mind plays out differently in each family, but it is truly rewarding to see the stress, anxiety, and fear reduced in a household under siege. If that peace of mind can be sustained long enough, healing and hopefulness often return to the client and family members.


  1. How have your clients and their families impacted you and your perspective on caregiving?

Clients and their family dynamics are like snowflakes; no two are alike. Every home care situation, while similar to others, is still unique and requires customization. In healthcare, you often find a one size fits all approach to diagnosis and treatment. When home care and caregiving are done well, they personalize the client’s treatment and share the client’s goals. Generally, the main goal being to age in place while remaining as independent as circumstances allow.


  1. Please share any other insights or perspectives that you believe people should know about yourself or Arise.

Only a chosen few people in our society have the gift to become caregivers. Sometimes the chosen few need an “environment” in which to nurture and develop their caregiving gifts. One of the lessons I’ve learned is that the leadership at Arise Cares must – and does – view the client and the caregivers as equally important. They are our lifeblood and Arise Cares would not and will not exist without them.