The Benefit of College Caregiving for Your Future Career

March 30, 2017

College-aged students looking to work in a health-related field should thoughtfully consider working as a caregiver for a facility like Arise Cares. Whether you’re interested in going into Nursing, Special Education, Community Psychology, Social Work, or the Human Services, caregivers learn to balance many important skills that will prepare you for your future careers.

Working with Arise Cares, you can receive hands-on experience working with children or adults with special needs, or work with the elderly in their homes or at our off-site Senior Day Program. For the benefit of both our staff and our patients, we work to match up our employees’ experience and interests to their respective area, so that you do what you enjoy while you’re with us.

Caregiving Benefits

As one Health Career website geared to students in Europe recommends: “Getting some relevant experience is one of the most important things you can do to help find a career in health, so take any opportunity you can.”

Many Nursing programs recommend finding work as a personal care aide because of the unique blend of experiences you will receive. Rasmussen College notes, “This experience will help develop your interpersonal skills and improve your ability to communicate with patients who are in pain or cognitively impaired.” Nursing Times goes a step further, saying “Without the hands-on experience of delivering personal care and seeing how situations present, nurses are ill-equipped to prevent potential problems. Developing such nursing skills can be compared to learning to read.”

Some of the experience you can expect to gain include:

  • Assisting clients with personal care
  • Assisting clients with homemaking tasks to alleviate their physical demands
  • Reminding clients about medication
  • Being a trusted companion to the client
  • Communicating with the client and their family members
  • See more description of a caregiver’s duties here

In addition to great work experience, working with Arise Cares also appeals to your lifestyle. We work to accommodate your schedule and availability, and you will gain job satisfaction while making people’s days brighter and easier.

We invite you to apply for an Arise Cares position through our online application. We look forward to working with you!