Stop The Fall: Lower Your Risk Of Injury With Home Care

April 8, 2016

Home care can reduce the risk of injury from a fall for you or your loved one through the caregivers observations and actions. There are many ways hiring a home care agency like Arise Cares can fulfill your loved one’s care needs and can lead to reduced risk of falling.

Watch For And Reduce Clutter In The Home

The easiest method of fall prevention is to pay attention to clutter in the home. Whether it is newspapers and magazines or laundry piling up, having a messy floor can lead to falls. The cause of the fall may be tripping over the item, or bending over to pick it up and losing balance. Having home care can assist by watching for tripping hazards as well as doing laundry and light housekeeping.

Stairs can also create a significant falling hazard. Home care workers can assist those who are not able to live on a single-level by helping them negotiate the staircase in their home. Even with hand-rails, stairs can be difficult and lead to falls.

Assistance With Bathing, Dressing

Bathtubs, showers and bathroom floors can be extremely dangerous when wet, leading to many falls. Nonslip surfaces can help, but another option is to have a Home Care Aide on-hand to assist with entering, exiting and bathing.

Dressing can also be a danger. While dressing, arms or legs can get caught in clothing causing a loss of balance. Choice of clothes also can effect falls. Tighter clothes, wearing shoes and non-slip socks generally leads to a decrease in household falls, while baggy clothes and normal socks can lead to an increase. A Home Care Aide can assist with dressing and picking out appropriate clothing.

Stop The Fall: Lower Your Risk For Injury With Home Care

For the elderly, fall prevention means injury prevention. Home care service, like those from Arise, are essential in assisting your or your loved one navigate their home for as long as you are able.

Our Home Care Aides are passionate about providing the highest quality service and have the kindness and training to do so. Contact Arise Cares today to find out how we can help you or your loved one stay home, longer.