5 Tips To Help Seniors Stay Healthy At Home

November 14, 2016

For most seniors, the goal is to maintain health so that they can stay at home and not have to enter a nursing home. For your loved one, staying at home may be their primary goal, above everything else.

In order to help them stay in their home, work with them on the following things. They’ll thank you for taking an interest in their health and their preferences.

1. Stay Active

Elderly male hands claspedAs we age, it’s important to stay active physically, mentally and socially. Bowling may have been a favorite past time, and now keeping it up can serve to better their health. Find a hobby which keeps them active and they enjoy. Physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, prevent and control illness, makes sleeping easier, reduces stress and more.

2. Eat Well

It’s also important that your loved one eat well. Many illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and others can be prevented or controlled with diet and exercise.

If your loved one is unable to cook for themselves, they may need in-home care or to attend a senior day care for part of the day.

3. Prevent Falls

We all become more prone to falls as we age, and falls become more damaging as we age also due to osteoporosis and other diseases. Preventing falls and injuries can be as simple as removing loose carpets or rugs which may catch your loved one’s feet. Keep electrical cords and clutter out of the way, and install nightlights in hallways and bathrooms to assist at night.

4. Get Preventative Care

Many preventative screenings are available these days, along with immunizations. It’s important that your loved one go to their regular doctor’s appointments to receive this care and avoid preventable diseases.

5. Find Help If Needed

Finally, if any of these issues continues to be a problem or cannot be solved by you alone, find help. Medicare or your loved one’s insurance provider can recommend an in-home care or senior day care facility which may provide for some or all of their needs, and as other issues arise don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help.